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Si is privately owned with offices in London, Dubai, New York, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Mumbai. We have a strong track record and are renowned for our hands on style and no nonsense approach to meeting our clients'​ requirements.

About Si Cyber
Si is a leading Managed Security Services Provider and we are driven by a desire to offer our clients the highest degree of protection against today’s cyber threats. We do this by delivering the most customizable approach to 24x7 managed security services. We protect all IT assets including virtual assets, cloud and traditional infrastructure using our team of over 200 dedicated security experts across our Security Operations Centers in London, New York, Dubai, Doha and Pune. 

About Si Engineering
Si specializes in Advanced Engineering and we work with our clients to achieve key objectives for reducing risk and adding value onto projects, from conception through to completion. We have vast experience in the delivery of Security, Enterprise IT and Building Technology solutions for a broad range of market sectors.  Si is 100% vendor independent which means that we neither market nor sell any products or services other than our own consulting and project management services.  Our loyalty is to our customers.

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