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SIEM Benefits For Enterprise Owners

Business owners implement Security Information and Event Management systems for collecting security log events from different hosts. The log events are stored in a central storage, simplify the analysis and reporting process of security events. The main purpose of implementing this security solution is to detect and prevent security attacks from compromising confidential data.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products are not new to the world. The initial products were the best option for larger organizations, having plenty of security analysts. However, these products are now available that can fulfill security needs of every organization. Small and medium-sized corporations can also use SIEM as a service to prevent their data.

SIEM Benefits For Enterprise Owners | Information Security

To compare with the one a few years earlier, the existing architecture of Security Information and Event Management is simpler. It just includes a software application setup on a local server together with a local hardware both connected with a public cloud-based service. Despite its architecture, the solution is used by different organizations for different purposes, including:

Streamline Compliance Reporting:

Every single host continuously transfers the collected log data to the centralized server. The server is responsible for receiving log data from each of the connected hosts.  After collecting the data, it generates a single report to address the listed security events among them.

Unless a proper Security Information and Event Management system is implemented, manual data retrieving must be performed to keep track of every single event. This is difficult to generate a single report from the logs collected from different operating systems and applications.

Incidence Detection That Can’t Be Detected Otherwise:

An SIEM solution is implemented for the purpose to detect malicious activities throughout the network. Alone, every single host only observes and produces audit log records for events. However, they are able to alert security personals as soon a particular type of event occurs.

To fully focus on information security of the organization, SIEM solution collects every event from every single host across the enterprise. It then observes different parts of the event on every host and rebuilds a sequence of events for deciding about its nature and effectiveness.

Efficient Incident Handling Activities:

One of the most popular benefits of SIEM solution is that it enhances the efficiency of handling a particular event or activity. This, in turn, saves both the time and resources on security individuals who are employed for handling every single activity.

As much an incident is handled efficiently, the incident control will be improved. This, in turn, will reduce the overall impact of the incident. This is because SIEM provide every single log data from multiple hosts just on a single interface.

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