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Find The Right IT Security Consultant For Your Business

As a small business owner, it’s about time you took notice of the threat posed by cyber criminals, alongside your concerns for the business’ physical security.

According to a study, more than 31% of all cyber-attacks were targeted at organizations with 250 employees or fewer, a number that had risen almost three times over the course of the previous year. 

Today, the cost of an information breach can reach millions of dollars. Those are figures that small business simply can’t afford.

So, what can you do to ensure your company’s data is kept safe from prying eyes?

Find The Right IT Security Consultants For Your Business | Security Consulting

All businesses need to take IT security seriously, but very few can actually afford to keep in-house teams that are up to date with the latest in security services. You could ask your IT guy to be more proactive, but he’ll likely have limited knowledge on the subject.

Instead, we’d recommend you outsource your network’s defenses to a security consulting firm. These consultants are experts at stopping cyber-attacks, and help take off a lot of the load from your shoulders.

Here’s what you should look for when hiring an IT consultant:

Their relevant experience

Don’t just look at their resume, ask them when they’ve done for other clients and how their actions helped mitigate the risks of cyber threats.

Listen to their experiences and pay close attention the kind of things they highlight as important. Not all of these consultants will the required skill set to protect your company’s assets, and many will end up talking about algorithms and numbers that don’t concern you.

Another thing you can do is talk to their clients and get a firsthand account of the kinds of improvements you can expect in your own network.

Identifying threats specific to your business

Instead of applying a one-size fits all kind of solution to your security concerns; the IT consultant should be able to identify risks that are specific to your business model.

If you’re dealing with a company or individual who knows their stuff, they’ll ask you themselves if you’ve ever had risk assessment test performed. These tests are designed to identify certain cracks or holes in the network which an attacker could exploit to gain access to sensitive information.

 Ensuring good open communication

Ask the consultant how much of their work they’re going to be sharing with you. IT firms have a habit of doing their work in secrecy, and this is the last thing you want when outsourcing the security of your company to a stranger.

Make sure the firm you are hiring explains their work to you, including the processes and policies they will be implementing. It’s also vital that they inform you anytime a security breach does occur, so that the plan of action may be clear to all parties involved.

How the physical security is managed on the side?

Using managed SOC (security operations center), the ELV systems installed in the building can be monitored alongside the virtual ones. These include the CCTV cameras, alarms, etc.

Contact your local ELV design consultant, and have them integrate all of your ELV devices into one large network, that you can then monitor from the comfort of your office.

Remember: It’s always better to spend a little extra and ensure your business’ data is secure, than to incur the losses later from an unforeseen security breach.

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