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Best Cybersecurity Strategy for Small Scale Business

At times, business owners who own small-scale business think that just because their business is small, therefore hackers and attackers will not care about it. If you are one of those businesses, then you are profoundly mistaken.

But according to United States Congressional Small Business Committee, 70 percent of cyber attacks occur at businesses that have less than 100 employees. Therefore, do not think you are safe because the security of your small business can be breached.

Hackers attack a business to gain access to personal data, credit card information and other details. A small business might have the less of valuable data as compared to the large enterprise, but the security network system for small business is also weak. In other words, it is easy to breach.

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Best Practices in Cybersecurity for Small Scale Business

Small business has the least protection for the security threats because they lack time, budget, lack of expertise and proper security team which will ensure that network is safe and secure. All these elements make the cyber attack even easier.

However, there are ways to gauge this concern for cyber attacks and handle them effectively.


Firewall usage

Use of firewall is one of the easiest ways to secure your server and network. It is essential that small business is setting firewall because it will bring a protection layer between data stored and cyber attackers.

Along with external firewall, several companies are also taking a step and employing an internal firewall to provide additional security to data, network and server. This will ensure that internal server is safe from the external threats.


Cybersecurity policies

Well, having trust in the capabilities of the employees is one thing but working strategically on different aspects of business is another thing. It is important to have a company where everything is well-documented that includes cybersecurity policies.

These policies will ensure that if any employee take any document and devices outside defined network and it has been misused then what actions can be taken against the respective employee.

The company should have set the policies and communicate to the employee on their first day, so they are well aware. The policies devised should be clear and concise as well as language should not be ambiguous. Professionals from managed security services provider can help you devise the policies and check the standards.


Enforcing safe password practices

Have you been in a situation where you have to set a password but you cannot think of any password which has upper case, lower case and number involved?

We all have been there! It is hard but security institute that it is because to save data from hackers. According to research studies, a data breach occurs because of stolen or weak password. Mostly at the workplace, people generally keep their passwords really simple and often their acquaintances know about those passwords without thinking about the issue of cybercrime.

It brings along two problems, first obvious one is a security threat and the second one is integrity with the company. For both of these reasons, the company needs to ensure that all employees follow the safe password practices which means the password should be strong and changed often.

It is also recommended to change the password after 2-3 months.


Anti-virus software

Small business can also install the anti-virus software. There are several phishing emails which might come in your server and your employees will end up opening the emails.

Phishing emails generally result in malware and loss of data so for that reasons, if antivirus or malware is installed then the impact of these emails or malware will not be as much as it would have been without anti-virus.

There is a range of software available in the market, but it is your IT officer who can decide which one will suit your business needs and security concerns. 


Final words - Regardless of the size of your business you need to have a sound security system for your data and network. Because of technological advancement, the types of cyber attacks are increasing which means businesses have to upgrade their security systems.

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